SeaFood Buyers Directory

Grand Hale Marine Products Ltd. Phone:604-325-9393 Link to Grand Hale Marine web siteGrand Hale Marine Web Page

Paladin International Seafoods Phone:604-821-0133 Send Paladin International E-Mail

Territory Seafoods Phone:604-322-7700/F:604-322-7712 Send Territory Seafoods E-Mail

Sung Fish Co. Phone:604-255-4718 Sung Fish Web Page

Lions Gate Fisheries Phone:(604) 946-1361 Lions Gate Web Page

Harbour Marine Products Phone:250-949-9991 Link to Harbour Marine web siteHarbour Marine Web Page

Seagate Fisheries Ltd. Phone:604-278-8684 Send Seagate Fisheries E-Mail

RBS Seafoods Phone:250-383-6410 Link to RBS web siteRBS Web Page

North Delta Seafoods Phone:604-582-8268 Link to NDS web siteNDS Web Page

Breakers Fish Company Phone:604-244-7291 Link to Breakers web siteBreakers Web Page

New Buyer (2004) Sea Cucumbers, Contact William Zhao for more info e-mail William Zhao

New Buyer (2004) Sea Cucumbers, Contact Phenix Evely...Ph:604-873-9015 / Cel:604-782-2630 e-mail Phenix

New Buyer (2004) Sea Cucumbers, North Sea International Industrial Co. contact Tanya Tang for more info : cell:604-562-1752, e-mail North Sea